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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Best selfie captions for Instagram pictures 2018

Best selfie captions for Instagram pictures 2018-  Instagram is a fun way to share selfie with family and friends,you will find best Instagram captions here.                  
selfie captions

Best selfish captions for Instagrams 

Best selfie captions for Instagram pictures

I consider myself a selfie specialist.
I'm horrendous at capturing a decent selfie.
Selfies became too big. The selfie photos are not good. Fans ask me for a selfie, and I say, 'Let's just do a photo.' I'm not anti-selfie, but I like a classic photograph.
I don't like the selfie because it's too close. There ain't no people with arms long enough to do a selfie of me.
The whole selfie generation - it's just not my vibe.
I took a selfie to prove to myself that I exist!
Everyone takes a bad selfie - the first thing is to know that.
There are bigger queens of the selfie, but I'm up there.
I still feel awkward taking a selfie sometimes; it feels a little weird.
'Selfie' is the word du jour, and it became cause celebre at Nelson Mandela's funeral when the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a selfie with U.S. President Barack Obama and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron.
My work is entertainment, and I look at what entertains people, whether it's a selfie video or a music video.
Cara Delevingne and I took an eyebrow selfie. We both have prominent eyebrows, but hers are much better than mine. Maybe we should do a swap.
A sexy selfie can be incredibly empowering - but remember that, while a Snapchat message might expire, nothing on the Internet truly disappears.
The selfie phenomenon is enormous, and it's hilarious. Especially as Australians, because we kind of hate people that love themselves, but that's all flipping on its head now, and we're happy to love ourselves.
People coming up and saying something nice is always welcome. But when you're being secretly photographed, that's not so nice. I would rather shake hands with someone and exchange a few words than take a selfie.
What's odd about the selfie stick is that while it might faintly improve the photo you'll post on Facebook, it definitely makes you seem like a shallow, awful clown to any bystanders in the humdrum physical space you're posing in.
As a professional selfie taker, I know my angles. And I know how to look 20 lbs. heavier and 20 lbs. lighter. If Instagram wants to tell me I've lost 60 lbs. in one week, then damn, I look good.
The selfie is a powerful tool, but it can also be dangerous, and I am fascinated with the process of it because there is a level of self-monitoring.
I see fans all the time. They're always very complimentary, and they're always very eager to talk and to share their experiences or get a selfie. They're really, really loyal. And intense.
Everybody takes at least 20, so even if you see a good selfie, it probably wasn't the first one. So my tip is to just not take it too seriously and have fun.
I find the sneeriness about 'selfie-culture' quite boring - I'm excited by young people taking control of their own images and finding out for themselves how much Photoshop has done for models.
The selfie is revolutionary to me. It is, I think, the only point in history where masses of young girls and women have been able to control, create, and publish images of themselves.
I think we just live in a time of the selfie. So there's a sense that everyone's uniqueness and importance on this planet should be displayed and reveled in, and that there's kind of a piece of glory for everyone.
Snapchat works because using a selfie is way easier than texting or tweeting. Stories should adapt to the medium and do so without cheapening the story.
I'm so pro-selfie because I think it's a tool that allows girls to create images of their own and of themselves.

Best selfie captions for Instagram pictures

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