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Friday, August 3, 2018

The 5 Best High Intensity cardio workout.

The 5 Best High Intensity cardio workout.





          (60 sec )
         From standing drop down and
         Place hands on the floor outside
         Your feet.Jump your feet back so 
         You're in the top press-up position
         Then back to between your hands
         Jump up,clapping your hands over

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           (Distance 250M)
           Adjust the height of leg has only
           Slight bend in knee when the                     Paddle is at it's lowest point.
           Use your rest periods as active
           Recovery by pedaling at a lower



         Run as fast as possible on the balls
         Of your feet.keeping your chest up
         Pumping your arms to help           
         Generate momentum.
Rowing GIF



            Start with the seat close to your  
            Heels and hold the handle with
            Straight arms. Keep your back                  straight and drive powerfully
            Through your feet to straighten
            Your legs,bu b don't lock them.
            Pull the handle close to your                      sternum and lean back slightly
            Slowly reverse the movement
            Arm first then legs,to the start.
Skipping GIF


           Bounce on the balls of your
           Feet, with your legs just slightly
           Bent.Keep your hands by your
           Sides at hip hight and use your
           Shoulder,to rotate the rope.
           This will keep tension in the rope
           To reduce the chance of you        

The best 5 high intensity cardio workout.

      I hope theses article is helpful for you.

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